Friday, December 31, 2010

Neighbourhood, Yellow Door 2

Neighbourhood, Yellow Door 2, 11" x 14", oil on canvas
This is a larger version of a mini yellow door.  Interesting to do in different size, its not simply a matter of enlarging but encountering and solving a whole bunch of other "problems"...  I have been pondering the size thing a lot for this body of work, and am finding it seems to work well with the subject matter to work smaller than i have in the past.  Maybe something to do with the more close-up compositions.  I like really zeroing in on a "tight" composition, somehow creates an interesting tension.  Well off to the boat for new years!  shall be a crispy, chilly one, time to dig out the long underwear, i think i dislike being cold more than anything i can think of.   Happy New Years to all! And Happy Painting to my fellow painters.

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