Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Framing Conundrums and Hanging work at Sellwood Yoga Studio

I decided to frame this year, normally i paint on wide profile canvas, but seems these smaller works demand frames.  So I set about trying to figure out just the right frame for ALL of my work, turns out that is not so easy, not all frames suit all paintings, but I wanted them to be somewhat uniform.   The larger seascapes we ended up with simple, metallic, but for the show at Dales Gallery, i chose white.  Most of the show will be in White floater frames, not shown, as they are not yet ready.  Anyway, i have been here and there, and all over trying to figure out the framing thing.  Its hard to know exactly what they are going to look like until complete.  And things look so different in the frame shop than at home..anyway, all my decisions are done for now!.

Later in March I will be hanging work at the beautiful yoga studio where i go to stretchhhhhhhhhh and relax.  Its a visually beautiful space, lots of light and a wonderful turquoise wall I cant wait to hang one of these seascapes on.
Located in Sellwood, Portland, OR.

This is a very simple floater which i think works, but on the larger pieces the floater will be a more substantial frame.

This is a warm light silvery neutral frame which enhances the overall lightness of the painting.

This piece was framed in kind of charcoal brings out the depth in some of the waves.

These white ones I like but I the floaters are a bit more neutral and let the painting show itself, I thought these might kind of lead
the eye into the pathways.

I suppose framing is like painting, somewhat of a visual manipulation using colour, shape, etc.

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