Monday, February 21, 2011

"Neighbourhood, AT the Heart of it, and what to wear to the opening!

At the Heart of it, 11" x 14", oil on panel.
I have been tweaking, varnishing and rephotographing paintings and making sure they are presentable.  I am not sure if i posted this piece, probably I have.  Much like my clothing shopping experience yesterday when i realized i had an opening to go to and needed something to wear, as i have been more less wearing the same clothes for some months, all varying degrees of grubby, good for painting but NOT for the public.  Twas a challenge indeed finding the right thing!.   Artists live a strange life, most of the time buried in their studio and then a few times a year brush off the grit, brush their hair, find some shoes attractive but not necesarily comfortable to go to  their openings.
  The title of this piece refers to what seems to be the centre or the "heart" of the tree.  But i dont know, do trees have centers?

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