Monday, March 14, 2011

Yoga and painting

Sellwood Yoga Studio and Paintings

Ever since discussing with owners of Sellwood Yoga putting paintings on their walls, I was excited.  Their space is so full of beautiful natural light and walls painted harmonious colours, perfect for paintings of the sea.  Hanging paintings on a coloured wall can really make them "pop"!  


Phyllis Victory said...

Hi Carol,
As being one of the slaves to the beauty of Helliwell, I think you have captured the exquisiteness of the colors there (and the crispness). They are beautiful.I look forward to seeing your paintings in person and hope that you'll be on Hornby soon. I'll see if I can stop in Portland on my way back to Hornby to see your exhibit. Will it be there this weekend? Phyllis

coral may said...

Hi Phyllis
Helliwell is always a treat, even after all the many many times i've walked it. Yes the work is up in the yoga studio for several months. Are you familiar with Sellwood area in Portland? I will be on Hornby this summer.
all the best to you Coral