Monday, September 26, 2011

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove 2, 7" x 7", oil on panel,
$125.00 unframed

I am back in Portland after the busy summer of shows and open studio.  I havent blogged for quite some time as i stopped painting last May due to a shoulder/neck problem, it finally packed it in, and decided it was time to pay attention to it so i can get back to painting!  So i have been busy morphing my Portland studio into a rehab room, for yoga, gi-gong, and back/neck excersizes and am concentrating on fixing myself for now..though I do have a bad case of THE painting itch!..(the ghost of painting lingering in the now rehab studio) and so i post this painting though not recent it reminds of this time last year we went on a camping trip to the Oregon Outback from which i painted 4 - 5 small paintings. 

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