Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RV Maiden Voyage

We are just back from 4 days of camping in our new RV.  It was its maiden voyage for us anyway, and so we took it to Eastern Oregon to do some "wild camping", test it out, take some photos and general outdoor fun.  We had a great hike at Smith Rocks.  I have to say camping in a warm comfortable camper makes a huge difference!  We have yet though to come up with a name for the rv.   Here are a few photos from the trip, my blog has been sadly neglected lately as i have not been able to paint much, shoulder still not ready, but the trip gathered much painting reference material and here are a few that i would love to paint when the time comes!.  The light and colours of eastern oregon this time of year a subtle soft beauty. 

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Anonymous said...

RV possible name, BIG BUTT or LUM BERING HOME or MIDLIFE COMFORT ZONE(MCZ)pronounced mexszzz,


Just joshing you.