Friday, January 21, 2011

Floater frames

Floater Frames for panels FINALLY!  Someone is finally making them!. The problem with all the frames i have seen for panels is that they have such a large lip which covers so much of the painting and when the paintings are so tiny its important!. Plus most of them are so fussy which doesnt really suit my work.   These have a silver border and slightly distressed frame, dark but not flat black surface and not too fancy which I like, and most important 1/4 spacer between panel and frame.   Plus they are affordable. 
check him out at:
I apologize again for my lousy photos
Either the light will return to the world here in the Northwest OR i will just have to go out and buy a camera.  I have been reading about indoor photo set-ups ..just have to have to make a space. 
And in the next day or so will have postings of new paintings.  Been a strange week, and feel i have maxed out the Neighbourhood series, so have been wondering what would mix well with them and have come up with a combo of ponds/garden, etc.  in keeping with spring colour.

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