Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Greek concepts of Creativity

Since my creativity seems to have stalled out..i leave you with this definition of creativity:
Greek concepts of Creativity

Notes from "Unleashing the Right Side of the Brain - the LARC Creativity Program" by Robert Williams and John Stockmyer

Around 500 BC, the Ancient Greeks believed they lived in a god-saturated universe, every rock and spring and mountain guarded by its nature spirit. They thought the inspiration for originality came from the gods and even invented heavenly creatures - the Muses - as supervisors of human creativity.

Socrates wrote that inspired thoughts originate with the gods, ideas coming not when a person is rational, but when someone is "beside himself", when "bereft of his senses. Since the gods take away reason before bestowing the gift of inspiration, "thinking" might actually prevent the reception of divinely inspired revelations.


The word "inspiration" is based on a Greek word meaning the God within.

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