Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Like Glass and wonderful workspaces

Water Like Glass, 12" x 12", oil on canvas

Sometimes in the evening when the water becomes very calm, it is much like glass or something other than water..silky and smooth, luminous and reflective. 

I am busy going through my painting inventory to travel north, and am very pleased to (finally) have a great workspace, for the other aspect of my job.   I've created a storage, varnishing, packaging, and shipping area in the basement with metal Ikea shelves for $16.00 which fold up into almost nothing and will come with me up north, and two Ikea tables for $40.00 ..(Ikea is great for studio furniture, cheap, light weight and it doenst matter if you get paint all over it.  It makes such a difference to have the right work feng shui.   (and if it wasnt so messy right now i would include a picture) maybe tommorrow..

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